The 3 public housing developments in Gentrified South Boston (a formerly blue-collar/working class Irish neighborhood) are mired in poverty and crime. The median income for a public housing family nationwide is? $10K! The median income for South Boston is $67K.

The housing developments are plagued by drug dealing, drug use and abuse.  Ambulances, fire and EMT make frequent calls for drug overdoses, often to the same addresses.  Gun/gang violence appears to be ticking upward following a spike in shootings over the sumer of 2017. Poverty is widening for the poor and working poor in one of the most gentrified neighborhoods in Boston, a booming city that ranks at the top of the gentrification list, nationwide!

Price of condos in South Boston, MA March 2018

Shootings are now frequent at the 3 public housing family developments in South Boston.  As I write this (Sunday 06/03….2:00 pm), gunshots echo around the development, but those are just another one of many volleys of bullets that do not make the news.

But there are some shootings that do make headlines:

April 2017: Man shot – West Broadway

May 2017: Man shot West Broadway

June 2017: Gun found inside school – West Broadway

November 2017: Teen killed – Mary Ellen McCormack

January 2018: Two men shot – West Broadway

February 2018: Man killed – Old Colony

February 2018:  17-year-old with gun – Old Colony

April 2018: Man shot in car – West Broadway

April 2018: Bullet later found in nearby school

April 2018:  Police confiscate drugs, gun – May Ellen

April 2018:  police confiscate guns, West Broadway