The Public Housing Youth Academy seeks to engage public housing youth through educational and other activities so they’re not on the streets shooting each other!

The Public Housing Youth Academy (PHYA) was formed to ENGAGE public housing youth (and families) who live in the  three public housing family developments in South Boston, Massachusetts.

Our goal is to get youth OFF the streets and productively engaged in activities that will lead to positive outcomes like:

  • EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENT: staying in school, graduating high school and furthering their education. Nationally, just one-in-four public housing tenants are educated beyond high school.  In today’s technological economy, people need 21st century skills to be competitive.
  • JOBS, NOT JAILS: getting a good job that pays well is key to economic success and moving out of poverty, especially the inter-generational cycle of poverty, violence and crime.
  • LIFE GOALS instead of guns/gangs: so public housing youth envision a future where they can be successful instead of surrounded by constant failure, drama, crime and despair.